had we bitcoin enough and time, thy coyness nerd girl, were no crime
we would sit back and think what way, to troll, and pick which noobs to slay
thou by the DOCSIS modem's side, shouldst redbulls chug, no circuits fried
red rings would not complain, i would
love thee through SIN and DNS flood
and you should, if you choose, refuse
til we get rid of weaboos
my procedural love should grow
vaster than heap space, at setpriority low
a hundred years should go to praise
thine eyes, and how they raise thy k/d rate
two cores to render each breast
but a 2080TI for the rest!
an age, at least, to every part
and the last age should show your heart
for lady, you deserve in-finite state
nor would i love at lower rate
      but at my back i always hear
hard disk corruption hurrying near
and yonder all before us lie
tech bros' apartments in fidi
chinese vc shall no more be found
nor, in thy truststore shall be found
my private key; then GOOG shall try
your stealth startup's virginity
and your quaint equity turn to dust
and to local politics my lust
atherton's a fine and private place
but none, i think, do there embrace
      now therefore, while that youthful hue
lasts through all nighters and mountain dew
and while the love of code transpires
with every keypress, instant fires
now, let us sport us while we may
and now, like amorous birds of prey
rather at once our time devour
than languish in the NASDAQ'S power
let us roll all our strength and all
our sweetness up into one ball
and tear our pleasures with rough strife
through frisco's golden gates round life
thus, though we cannot make elon
stand still, yet we will make him run